Mahatma Gandhi is called as the father of Nation, but now K Chandrasekhar Rao popular as the KCR is called as the father of Telangana. Today is the historic day when the people of Telangana have achieved statehood to Telangana under the dynamic leadership of KCR on June 2.

KCR the Telangana Bapu almost sacrificed his life for bending the back of Congress and pressures them to give statehood to Telangana. He has become one of the tallest leaders in the history who achieved Telangana and developed Telangna to a greater extent. The irrigation projects like Kaleshwaram are examples of development here in Telangana.

Taking care of the farming community in a big way to make a breakthrough in the process of development in the agriculture sector. Recently KCR has announced that he would be announcing more for the sake of farmers and it would become a big surprise across the country.

There is no leader who has designed to the power somany times and has come back to power again and again. KCR will be remembered in the history for brining all the importance to Telangana.

The power sector is one area which has bee improved to the extent that there aren’t power cuts, and the water flows in the mid-summer. People from various sectors are coming back to Agriculture. Today agriculture is a festival in the state of Telangana.

Telangana is number in majority of the sectors when compared with the other states. Even the Prime Minister Modi is taking he example of Telangana in the process of development.
Now Bangaru Telangana has become a reality.