Maintain distance with Chota K Naidu

Chota k naidu Kissing Tamannha And Kajal

Yes, we are talking about the popular Director of Photography Chota K Naidu. Chota who has grown from rags to riches is behaving inappropriately with the leading ladies these days. Some ladies are running away from Chota and also maintaining distance with the popular cameraman. They are maintaining distance with Chota as he is creating some fuss or the other.

Recently Chota kissed Kajal the leading lady all of a sudden when they were doing a promotion for one of the movies. Kajal was very uncomfortable with his attitude but she did not make a fuss about it.Now Chota was holding the hand of Tamannah the milky beauty and he did not leave her for some time. Tamannah found it very uncomfortable and tried to wriggle out of his hand.

The video became viral and people did not like the high handed behaviour of Chota. He tried to act smart but the ladies did not like it.It will be good if the industry people maintain some distance when they are on the promotion of the movies. Now the ladies are discussing that they must maintain a safe distance from the DOP Chota K Naidu.