Was Venkaiah behind the merger


There are rumours in the Telugu states that it was Venkaiah Naidu the Vice President who was behind the merger of TDP MPs with the BJP. Kishan Reddy the Union Minister of state for Home implemented the plan and then he took the MPS to Prime Minister Modi. Political circles in Andhra Pradesh say that Sujana Chowdhary and Venkaiah the Vice President are very close to each other. They sat together and finalised the merger it is being rumoured.

But how far is this true no one knows? This could be just a rumour also. Venkaiah, on the other hand, was in the news because he spoke against the mergers. He openly said that people elected from one party should not join the other party. If they want it they must resign to their party and then join the party that they choose.

But soon after his talk, he was involved in taking the letter of the merger from the 4 TDP members. if a person at the level of Vice President endorses this kind of mergers, then who will protect the members is the point.There was a lot of criticism against the Vice President for endorsing the merger of the TDP members with the BJP.

The social media was against the decision of the Vice President. The MPs of Loksabha from the TDP led by Nani and Galla Jaydev opposed the move and gave a letter to the Vice President in this regard. It looked like Venkaiah the Vice President had no other option but to agree on the merger. He is no longer a member of the BJP, but he has to endorse the party line, after all, he was from the same party which made him the vice president of India.