The new Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh Jaganmohan Reddy is very keen that all aspects of the Polavaram irrigation project in terms of corruption should be probed. Jagan wanted the cost of the project to come down by at least 20 per cent. It is reported that after seeing the works of Kaleshwaram here in Telangana, Jagan is showing keen interest to complete the works of Polavarm at the earliest.

The chief Minster who looked into various aspects of tendering and also the construction of the project said that if the rains and floods come, ti would be very difficult to continue the work here for another 4 months.Jaganmohan Reddy is of the opinion that the priorities were not taken up properly and the quality of work has to be improved in a big way. He wanted the works to be speeded up and a deadline has to be set up for completing the works.

The judicial commission would suggest the government as to where the retendering has to take place he explained. There is a chance that Jagan would visit the project work again to decide on the priorities of the construction here.When it comes to retendering there is a lot of scope for it. There could be some changes for the spillway also it is reported. With the wrong priorities of the work, it is learnt that the width of the Godavari has reduced. The flow of the water gets reduced during the rainy season it looks like.