Mahesh Babu gets International recognition

mahesh babu

Whatever Mahesh Babu touches is turning into Gold.AMB Cinemas’ multiplex owned by our Prince and superstar Mahesh babu has received global recognition at the ‘Innovation Awards-2021’.

AMB Cinemas has been selected as the best in the Leisure and Entertainment category at the Innovation Awards-2021. AV Integration Distribution Limited has selected only AMB Cinemas Multiplex from India in this category.

On this occasion, Namrata Shirodkar the wife of Mahesh babu posted on Twitter congratulating the AMB Cinemas team on a social media platform.

Superstar Mahesh Babu has entered the real estate sector as well as the multiplex business. He is already doing the branded clothes business.

Mahesh Babu, who has set up the GMB Entertainments banner and has been producing films like Major with Young Talent while being a co-producer for films starring him as a hero, continues to be successful.

Mahesh Babu has started the ‘AMB Cinemas’ multiplex with state-of-the-art facilities at Gatchibauli along with ‘ASIAN Cinemas’.

The multiplex has a total capacity of 1638 seats with an internationally stunning interior design. With facilities like VVIP Lounge, Party Zone, Special Kids Zone, Luxury seating etc.,

AMB Cinemas’ offers a world-class experience to the audience. Recently mega star Chiranjeevi and his family members watched Vakil Saab here.