Now Rahul Gandhi to depend on TV Channel

Rahul Gandhi

Finally, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi and his team have decided that they must start and own a TV Channel for the party. While the BJP is using and controlling the entire media, the Congress leaders have decided that they must have a channel like other political parties.

The TDP, the TRS, the DMK, AIADMK and other parties have channels that give them extensive coverage. But the Congress so far does not have any channel of its won.

They are starting the Channel called INC TV from April 24. Most of the regional parties depend on one channel or the other from the back door. First, they are starting the channel in Hindi and English.

Later they will expand to other languages depending on the need. BJP and TDP are the two parties that are very successful in using the media to a greater extent.

According to astrologers, Rahul Gandhi is having a good time soon. The Graph of Modi will be coming down in a phased manner. In this context, the TV channel is very relevant for giving good coverage to the Congress party.

When Venkaiah was the BJP President, the leaders suggested him to start a News Channel, but Venkaiah suggested to the leaders and cadre that we must be able to use all the channels to the maximum extent possible. PM Modi and other leaders are very successful with this idea.