Your life is in your hands: Corona

covid 19

Your life is in your hands. This is the latest trend of Corona. The best way to stop Corona infection is by wearing a mask. Leading a clean and neat life on a daily basis.

Eating healthy food is also needed. The cases are on the rise and the death rate is increasing.

We have to lead the life with Corona said the Minister for Health Etela Rajendar. He was today reviewing the Corona situation with the management of the medical colleges.

Etela said that the second wave of Corona was not expected in Telangana, but forty per cent of the cases are coming from Maharashtra he stated.

Maharashtra Government on the other hand has imposed lockdown in the night. Curfew is also being imposed.

But there is no need to panic, the Government is taking all the measures to contain Corona in the best way possible he said. The medical colleges are also being alerted to see that they give treatment and quarantine to the patients in need he said.

The first measure that the Government tool was to close the educational institutions here.

But the CM KCR ruled out the possibility of lockdown. The Cinema theatres are full with some Covid conditions. Even after imposing fines, the people are not wearing masks. There is a scarcity of the Covid vaccine.