Chief Minister of Telangana K Chandrasekhar Rao always wants to know things from the grassroots level. He wanted to know what is happening for the inauguration of Kondpohmama Sagar project.

He called the Sarpanch Bhaskar on phone and talked to him over the happening and development at the Mandal level. The Sarpanchwas overwhelmed to talk to the CM directly.

The CM KCR could have talked to the district collector. But he wanted to know the things happening right at the spot. CM also talked about the area where lunch is being arranged after the launch of water through the kondpochamma Sagar project.

CM KCR is always for giving food to some people after doing some good things. That is the tradition Telangana has been following. He specifically went into all the details.

The Sarpanch asked for some funds, and the CM assured Bhaskar of all the help for the developing the Mandal. This is no the first time the CM has talked to the local representatives several times. He also talks to the MLAs directly whenever there is some information to be gathered.