K Taraka Rama Rao the Minister for IT and Municipal administration is always there for helping the poor and needy. He is just a tweet away. KTR has helped a lady with twins for their treatment from Rayakal Mandal of Bhoopathypur.

The twins were not keeping well and the family is poor. Bhoopathy Prashanti the mothers of the wins appealed to KTR Via tweet ad also represents the matter to with the help of MLA also.

The MLA also informed KTR that the twins were not keeping well and treatments have to be given to them. KTR sanctions Rs 2 lakh. The MLA also talked to the local private hospital to extend help to the twins.

It is way KTR extended help to the poor people especially in case they need medical help. If the causes are genuine KTR is always there to help the people in need.

So just tweet and get the help required in no time.