Corona test for all ?

Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao will be meeting eh High-level officials and also te ministers on 27nth hereafter the lunchtime at Pragathi Bhavan.

Corona will be the first time on agenda. The CM will discuss the status of the virus and if the lockdown should be continued or not. The lockdown is there till the end of this month here in Telangana.

At the same time, the cases of Kovid are rising in the GHMC area. As predicted by the CM KCR earlier living with Corona is a reality now. One side the cases are going up and the other side life has to go on.

Planning for agriculture is the other time on the agenda as the monsoon is coming closer. The new crop pattern has to be implemented and it will on district wise basis.

Now the medical department has to get ready for containing the seasonal disease also along with the Covi Virus. KCR will also review on the present financial situation of the state and also review on as to how to improve the situation further here in the state.