Ram Gopal Varma the controversial director of the India Film Industry is making the worlds first film on Corona. Te film show a family spending life under lockdown with masks.

Perhaps Ram Gopal Varma is one director who has worked during the lockdown film and also made two films. One is on Corona and the other is on Climax a soft porn movie it looks like.

Right now RGV is planning to release the movie Corona on his own platform called as RGV world. Again he is the first director to have a platform called as RGV world.

He is planning ot release the Climax movie also on the OTT platform. Theatres will become irrelevant says RGV. The digital platform is the future he stated.

His recent tweet for NTR also has become viral. Here RGV said that he wants to become a Gay for the sake of NTRs body.