K Chandrasekhar Rao the Chief Minister Of Telangana who used to respect the Governor as his guru and well-wisher has met him today after hearing the new that the new governing will be taking over Telangana.

Narasimhan has been here for 10years and has been part of the development of the state. He used to give his piece of advice to KCR and also KTR from time to time.


Even though the Governor acted strictly during the Telangana moment, later they helped each other and have moved forward. KCR used to take the advice of Govnro many aa times.

Now he has met him in Rajbhavan as a courtesy call. The BJP has complained to the centre that Narasimhan was acting like an agent of KCR. But former IB chief is close to Prime Minister Modi and also the Home Minister Amit Shah. There is a talk that Narasimhan will get the new assignment soon and that could be Jammu and Kashmir.