I am a waste lady

Shruti Hasan

Shruti Hasan is relatively free these days. She has very less work on hand . maybe one or two movies and one of them is with Ravi Teja. earliest claimed that she likes whisky and was regularly habituated to tit.

Now he has broken from her boyfriend and is concentrating on work She has got it from Ravi Teja and is looking for more work.S he has worked with Pawan, Mahesh and hs got hits to her credit.

But ever since she became busy with the boyfriends she was abroad and was losing work. She also became an alcoholic. She is back from the bad habits and means business, Due to lockdown she is unable to do any work and calls herself a waste lady. Waste lady in the sense that she is not doing any productive work.

Shruti is craving for the works to start. The Government has to take a decision on the shootings.