Namratha the wife of Mahesh is a smart lady. The same was certified by superstar Krishna who is the father of Mahesh. Krishna in an interview said that Mahesh is not that shrewd in business and he does not know how to say no to people.

But his wife Namratha takes care of things he told the TV channel. True to the expectations from Mahesh and other family members Namratha is taking care of the family and other business activity positively.

Now Namratha is investing Mahesh’s name as a brand and getting business done in the name of the partnership. Even without investing, just in the name of Mahesh they will be getting share.


Now Mahesh is into theatre business, they are producing web series and also producing movies with Sony entertainment. Here in some projects, there is no investment and in some projects, it is the brand value of Mahesh that is being an investment.

We can say Namratha is a smart lady in investing the brand name of Mahesh. Earlier she has done modelling in Mumbai and has contacts there.

Now Mahesh is being used for endorsing big brands and the contacts are from Namrata again.

It is like make hay while the sun shines. Now Namrata and Mahesh have also decided that they would not work for other producers. Mahesh will produce them mostly so that the profits will not go out of the family.