Will, there be a cracker ban for Diwali


It is reported that some state Governments are planning to announce a cracker ban for this Diwali taking the Covid conditions into serious account.

When the situation was normal also, there was a call for ban of crackers to avoid noise pollution and other forms of air pollution. Dellhi people are already suffering due to air pollution these days.

This Diwali fumes will further add to the trouble. The best way is to avoid crackers and bombs to the extent possible. The National Green Tribunal has already issued notices to Ministery of Environment at the centre that the crackers and bombs should be banned across the states to avoid noise and air pollution in times of Covid.

But how far with the people take the ban seriously is the question. The State Governments issue instructions that crackers should be burst just for only one hour and not beyond such and such a time.

But people just ignore the warnings and celebrate the event as they like. The Governments of Rajasthan, Odisha, Bengal, Haryana, Delhi , Tamilnadu, have already issued the orders against the bursting of crackers keeping the Covid conditions in mind.

But how far they will be implemented is the real issue.

Now the people are talking about the green crackers, which do not have sound and pollution. There is an assumption by some Governments that the people do not have such kind of money where they would go for big celebrations.

But on the other hand, banning the crackers would mean that the Government will be taking away the employment of workers who are dependent on the cracker business.

PM Modi has already suggested that the people must give business to the local artisans for Diwali which means that they must not go fo the Chinese crackers and also the lights.

Instead, the people must go for mud Diyas manufactured by the lock artisans. It has to be seen how far the Governments will be able to implement the ban on crackers for this Diwali.