Tamilisai greeted the people of Telangana on the occasion of the state Formation day today. She stated-On the occasion of the 6th Anniversary of the Formation Day of the State of Telangana, I convey my best wishes to all the brothers and sisters of Telangana.

Formed on this day in 2014 as the 29th State, after a hard-fought peaceful people’s movement never seen before in the annals of the country’s history, Telangana State has made rapid strides in all spheres of development, besides becoming the torchbearer for many innovative development and welfare programs for other States to emulate in these six years.

People’s happiness quotient is the barometer to measure the success of any Government. I am confident that the combination of the State Government and the people of Telangana will prove its mettle, and will realize the most cherished goal of “Bangaru Telangana” soon.

The people of Telangana are fighting courageously to combat this critical situation of COVID 19. With our positive spirit, we will definitely come out successfully proving Telangana will be a “Wealthy and Healthy State”. Let us all keep our heads high with a proud feeling of “My State – My Pride”

I once again convey my greetings to the people of Telangana on the occasion of the State Formation Day.