Jagan wants 3 capitals -Mamata wants 4 capitals

jagan and mamatha

Jagan Mohan Reddy the CM of AP has suggested PM Modi that the centre must agree for setting up 3 capital in the state of AP. Originally the capital for AP was decided as Amaravathi.

But ever since YSRC came to power Aamravathi was neglected and Visak was being encouraged. Now Jagan wants to setup the state Secretariat in Visakhapatnam.

The centre has left the decision to the state and we have to see how things take shape in AP. The Court said no to the three capital strategy of the YSRC Government.

Now Mamata the CM of West Bengal demanded that why only Delhi as the capital for India and she said that there should be 4 rotating capitals. She reminded that the British ruled from Kolkata. If the centre thinks of setting up of 4 capitals then Hyderabad will also be considered. That is the talk.

During the division of Telangana from Andhra, people talked about Hyderabad being designated as one more capital for India. We have to see what will KCR say about the four capital theory of Mamata didi.

We do not know what is meant by rotating capitals. It could mean the capitals keep on changing after a specific period of time. Will this help for good governance is the question.