D Company the Mahabharat of Dons


Right from Satya to Vangaveeti, Ram Gopal Varma was able to depict the faction and mafia as it was and it is . Mani Ratnam made Nayakan and Satya in Tamil.

Later RGV followed him and used Godfather, the father of all Mafia movies acted by Marlin Brando. Now RGV is making D company claiming that it is the mother of all the mafia movies released so far.

Sarkar was one movie where he described the character of Bal Thackeray. He made a movie on Veerappan. Hit or flop is a different question. He just made the people to stand up and watch his movies. Talk about them.

He started the gangster movies with Shiva in Telugu and there was no looking back. He is very good at depicting violence and sex. He was the man who gave the story line of Business man to Puri Jagannath. Mahesh was the hero.

Now we have to see how far this D Company will take RGV forward. Already there is a buzz in the industry about this movie.

RGV Says:Here’s A PEEK into D COMPANY First Look TEASER : The MAHABHARAT OF UNDERWORLD ..Produced by SPARK @SparkSagar1

it is going to tell the story of how DAWOOD IBRAHIM with his BILL GATES like vision,turned a street gang into an INTERNATIONAL ORGANISATION .