CM KCR ready for changes in Irrigation department


Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao seems to be a changed man. After making some changes in the Irrigation department he wanted the officials to take a feedback and that he was ready to make some changes if needed. His idea is to see that the officials are comfortable and that work goes on smoothly for the welfare of the farming community.

“We have revamped the Water Resources Department, whether this revamping is comfortable? Are the officials able to do their jobs conveniently?

Get a feedback on this. If need be make the changes,” the CM instructed.

“When the Telangana State was formed, paddy was cultivated in 30 Lakh acres. Now Paddy is being cultivated in 1.10 Crore acres. This became possible due to increase in the supply of water for irrigation. The network is getting ready to supply water through the projects to 1.25 Crore acres.

The government has revamped the Water Resources Department to efficiently manage the duties. All the projects, reservoirs, check dams, Anicut, lift irrigation schemes of the region were brought under the control of the CE concerned.

The Government had transferred specific financial powers from the DEE to Engineer-in-Chief. The power is given to the local official to take up and execute emergency works without they being come to Hyderabad for permission. This is a historic decision. Nowhere in the country such a transfer of power is given.

Engineer-in-Chief (General) can approve works up to Rs 25 Crore per year with each work not exceeding Rs 1 Crore, Chief Engineer (CE) works worth Rs 5 Crore per year with each work not exceeding Rs 50 Lakh, Superintendent Engineer (SE), works worth Rs 2 Crore per year with each work not exceeding Rs 25 Lakh, Executive Engineer, Rs 25 Lakh worth works per year, with each work not exceeding Rs 5 Lakh, Deputy EE, Rs 5 Lakh works per year with each work not exceeding Rs 2 Lakh.

This should be properly utilized and all the small works should be completed. Supply water for irrigation to farmers without any glitches,” the CM said.