jagan pawan

Jagan Mohan Reddy the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh is very much afraid of the Jana Sena party with just one MLA said Pawan Kalyan. Addressing the media he chided at Jagan saying that he must talk on policy matters and no about marriages. Yes, I have got married to 3 ladies why don’t you also get married to 3 or 4 he questioned?

Were you not in jail for two years he questioned Jagan? If something goes against him, Jagan will also go to Jail again he predicted. Along with Jagan, all other YSRC MLAs will be in trouble he said.

The MLAs must watch out before they speak Pawan suggested. Don’t invite trouble we can also talk in a harsh manner and also on personal terms he ridiculed.

Did you go to jail for 2 years because of my 3 marriages he questioned Jagan? Why do you talk about marriages during the function on Azad he asked. This is not the way he opined. Talk on policy matters he suggested Jagan.

Jagan can also get married 3 times, who is stopping him. How can you talk against Vice President Venkaiah Naidu he asked.

The Telugu language has taught us good culture and respect he stated. Pawan is not afraid your faction politics, he warned Jagan. Giving respect and taking respect is the Telugu culture he said.

You are dividing the society he warned Jagan. If we speak personally against you, you cannot lift your head Pawan warned Jagan. A person at the level of CM should not stoop low to personal level he suggested.