asaduddin owaisi

The AIMIM Chief and the Hyderabad Parliament member tried to whip up the communal passions on the issue of Ayodhya Verdict. But non of them supported him.

He refused to take the 5 acres land for the Babri masjid construction. We do not want the Khairat of the Government for building the masjid he said in a press meet.

But the majority of the Muslim community are happy with the verdict of the court and they are ready to build the masjid in a different land and they would take the 5 acres being given by the Government.

They are ready to support the construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya also. The Hindus and Muslims hugged each other, distributed sweets and some of them are trying to file a review petition.

But there was no response to the statement made by the MIM chief Owaisi. Perhaps Owaisi is the only leader who has made adverse comments against the judgement and also the judiciary.

A case has also been filed against the comments of the MIM chief.