kapil sibal

Congress lawyer Kapil Sibal has taken up the cause of Sena to fight against the attitude of the Governor and also on the imposition of President’s rule in Maharashtra.

Shiv Sena is being branded as Sonia Sena. Sena is outfoxed in the process. Now NCP is working on the formula of power-sharing in the format of 50/50 with the Congress.

There is a widespread opinion that the Governor has not given enough time to the political parties for stitching an alliance to form the Government.

A late-night drama is expected until the early hours of 13nth. It is very strange to see that Sena is on its knees while the Congress lawyer Sibal is fighting the case.

Even if the Government is formed this strange combination in the form of Kitchidi and compromise may not continue for long. Some of them opined that the Governor was acting on the diktats of the central Government.

There is a sort of confusion among the political parties while BJP is sitting on the fence. Stability has become the biggest casualty now. Power first other things next seem to be the motto of the political parties in Maharashtra.

The NCP which wanted to sit in the Opposition is now working on the portfolios.