The panchnama for the 4 rapists who have been shot dead in an encounter is being done near chattanpallly. The Postmortem will be done in Mahabubnagar hospital it is learnt.

A tent has been erected near the encounter site for panchnama. The encounter site has been blocked with ribbons after the bodies have been removed for the panchnama.

The dead bodies will be given to the parents after the postmortem in Mahabubnagar district. Arrangements are also being done for transporting the dead bodies. The police have done the right thing all are saying.

This is the best moment for India and also the ladies people said. The police are unable to control the crowds coming to the encounter site. Some of them are offering tributes at the site where Disha was burnt brutally.

The system must change and amendments should be done to the law some lady activists opined. The men must also change and give respect to the ladies they requested.

K Kesava Rao the MP said that they were waiting for the verdict from the court for punishing the culprits. But in the meantime, the police were forced to do this encounter he stated. When the reporter asked that it was a deliberate shoot out, Kesavarao said that it was the reporter’s view.

V Hanumanth Rao the Congress leader said that it was a real encounter and that he endorses the action of the police.