pawan chandrababu

A Party with one MLA and a few years of existence in the name of Jana Sena under Pawan Kalyan is getting 8 plus 8 NSG security. The Union Ministery has ordered for NSG security to Pawan Kalyan after he met the elders in Delhi.

On the other hand, the NSG security for the 40 years Industry man and a 14 years chief Minister experience will not be getting the NSG security any more.

It looks like Pawan is having more threat than the former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. How far is this right. The point that he is supporting the BJP has given him all the importance.

He is placed under high-security list and is getting the NSG security. When the YSRC government reduced the security for the LOP Chandrababu, the TDP approached the court and finally, the security was restored.

Now the latest is that the centre is withdrawing the NSG. He is not important for the centre. Now they want Pawan Kalyan. Jana Sena is the priority as it is supporting the BJP for the coming elections.

This is clearly a political decision. Now BJP considers Pawan a better leader and bigger leader than Chandrababu.