Standing at 15nth place leaving Mumbai and Bengaluru behind is not a small thing. Yes, Hyderabad has ranked 15 when it comes to the price appreciation in the housing sector.

On the domestic front of the housing, the prices have been rising since 2014 and it has been continuing till 2020. That means people are coming to Hyderabad in a big way to make it a permanent abode for them.

Hyderabad is better ranked when compared to Bengaluru and also Mumbai. Now that here is uncertainty in Andhra Pradesh, people are looking at Hyderabad in a big way in all the parameters.

Thanks to the Dynamic leadership of KCR the CM and also KTR the IT minister they have been trying and doing everything for the development of Telangana in general and Hyderabad in particular.

That made all the difference to the outlook of Hyderabad and now it has ranked 15nth among the 150 cities across the world. Even in terms of employment, good food, weather and also cost of living, Hyderabad is on the top and the best among them.

Earlier people used to look at Mumbai and also Bangalore, but now they are looking at Hyderabad all the time. MNCs from across the world are setting their shops here in Hyderabad in a big way.