Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj the popular villain who is a national award winner is no doubt a great actor. But he must know that he has no stature to criticise a man like Narendra Modi who is sitting in the seat of a Prime Minister.

Prakash mush knows that he was rejected by the people as a politician outright. He contested for an MP seat and lost miserably. Now he has started against the CAA. He is trying to list out the priorities to the central government which is not necessary.

He must first mend his easy and attend the shooting on time. He must know not to interfere with the work of a director. He must not dictate terms for the remuneration.

He was also banned earlier in the Tollywood for his dictatorial behaviour on the sets. He also tried to teach the acting to ladies in some sets. Prakash must stop tinkering with others. He must also know his stature before talking against the higher-ups.

After all, he is paid by the producers for working. Before talking against Modi, Prakash must remember that he also ditched his wife and married another lady for his convenience.

He is staying in a glass house and is trying to pelt stones at other which is absolutely incorrect.