Is Amaravathi a gone case ?


It looks like the Narendra Modi Government is not interested in developing Amaravathi into a big capital. They have been ignoring the aspirations of the people of the region.

Putting many questions aside the most important special status was not given to the state of Andhra Pradesh. With this the law enacted by the Parliament as a witness has lost its value.

The centre missed the point while everyone was watching. Now several aspects of the States division act has also been dropped. Although the law stipulates that a railway station will be set up in Amravati, it has now announced that it will not. It is noteworthy that the state government is not ready for this.

In fact .. Amravati proposed a railway line from Errapalem in Khammam district of Telangana. Proposals have been made to set up a 28 km single railway line from Errapalem to Namburu via Amravati.

Peddapuram Chinnarao Palace in Krishna District is the new home of the Gottumukkala Paritala.

Vadlamanu Amravati Tadikonda Koppavaram Namburu is to be reached by train. Apart from this, a single railway line of 25 km from Amravati to Pedakurapadu and 25 km from Sattanapalli to Narasaraopet has also been proposed.

But it is noteworthy that the Center has announced that this proposal has now been put aside. Not only that, the BJP government has decided that the railway coach factory is unnecessary in the state of Telangana. With this the Telugu states are expressing serious criticism on the attitude of the Center.