Screening and clearance must for OTT


Like the regular films that OTT content must also be screened first and cleared by the concerned authorities before going to the OTT platform the Supreme court clarified.

The issue pertaining to the OTT film Tandav came up before the court and the court said that the films must be cleared and then screened on the OTT.

It may be recalled that the Government has issued some guidelines regarding the OTT content and the posting that would be done on the social media.

The police also found fault with Tandav for some objectionable scenes. They are unhappy with the way the police are depicted in the movie that was screened on the OTT.

It looks like there will be a committee which would go into the content in detail, that would come up for screening on the web in the near future. The makers of the web series cannot push whatever they want on OTT.

The web series cannot show the steamy and hot scenes any more in the near future.