Is Chiranjeevi unhappy with Acharya music?


All eyes are now on Acharya where the mega hero and his son are working day and night for the Movie. The original idea was to complete the movie in 99 days with director Koratala Shiva.

But now due to Corona the movie has been taking a lot of time. There was some change in plan when it comes to ladies also. 4 ladies are working for the movie. Two leading ladies with Chiranjeevi and the other two with Ramcharan.

Most of the movie is shot in a Temple set and the other portion majorly in the forest area. The update from the team is that Chiranjeevi will have one song each with Kajal and Regina who does a special number. Ram Charan will get two songs, one with Pooja Hegde and the other with his dad Chiranjeevi which will be a mass number.

For a change, Mani Sharma is doing the music for the movie, but Chiranjeevi the megastar is not that happy with the output it is reported.

There are two other situational songs, one out of which will come during the climax and the other will be a Lord Shiva song. So, the music album of Acharya is going to be quite mixed big and will cater to all section of the audience.

So let’s wait for the music launch and other curtain raisers from Acharya of Koratala Shiva.