Impose penalty for not voting: Sajjanar

cp sajjanar

CP Sajjanar suggested that one must impose penality on the voters for not voting. If ot link the welfare schemes to the voting he stated. He was surprised to see that the people did not come for voting.

He was very unhappy that big leaders have come to Hyderabad and talked with the people, but they did not come for voting he said. The city could not record not eve 40 percent of voting and the same is being discussed across the country.

Whoever wins will get a slender margin. The voting was done in a peaceful manner in 149 divisions and one division will go for repoll on 3rd. The votes were removed in many areas while some of them cited Corona to be the reason for voters not coming to the booths.

The 4 days holidays also have made some difference apart from the 10000 rupee distribution. Some IT companies have not been closed and the IT people could not participate in the voting.

Some other suggested that the Government must extend sops to the voters, so that they will definitely come for the voting. If possible ten percent tax rebate must be extended for voting they said.

All the political parties are very unhappy with the way the voters have responded today by not coming to the polling booths.