Health infra to be improved


The health infrastructure will be improved int he coming days the PM Modi assured. Corona vaccine will be developed soon he said. There are around one lakh beds for the Corona patients he explained.

I want your cooperation he requested the people.

1. Take care of the elders who earlier had some health issues. Please take extra care for them and prevent them for Corona.
2. Maintain social distance.
3. Please use a face mask made in home.
4. Improve your immunity. Hot water must be used.
5. Use Arogyasethu Mobile App. Suggest others.
6. Take care of the food issues of poor people.
7. take care of the other employees and don’t remove the Jobs.
8. Doctors, nurses, sanitary workers, police must be respected and praised.
These are ways and means of success and they must be observed till May 3. Please state where you are.