PM Modi has urged the employers not to sack anyone during the lockdown period. He was addressing the Nation this morning and suggested that the employers must take care of the welfare of the employees.

The lockdown would be reviewed after 20th April there could be a work in the single shift in some of the industries. No one should be suffering with hunger the Modi has bee suggesting the people.

One must take care of the other, especially the poor and the needy. The NGOs have been functioning across the country and feeding the poor people.

Some state governments like Telangana have been feeding the workers who have migrated to Hyderabad from other states. KCR has been giving them rice, vegetable, medicines and also some money so that they can tide over the crisis during the lockdown period.

KTR the Minister for IT also visited some of the camps of the construction workers who were being taken care of by the management and also some NGOs together.

Some journalists were also provided with the groceries by the Media Academy here in Telangana. ButtheCorona cases are on the rise in the GHMC area.