pm modi

The people have taken all teh pain and saved the nation said, PM Modi. He was addressing the Nation on Corona. We have been successful to some extent in containing the Corona he said.

He paid rich tributes on the eve of the Birthday of Ambedkar. Peoples sacrifice ensured the win of the country against Corona he stated. India is a country of colours and festival he reminded.

Modi thanked the people for observing restraint to contain corona. We did our best to contain the Corona and people are fully aware of this he explained.

Even before the cases were identified, we have started the screening at the Airport he reminded. We stopped Corona with the best of our ability Modi stated.

We are better when compared to other countries he said. India is much safer than other nations he stated. We have paid a big price, but we are still safe and better he explained.

The path taken was right and the world is praising India he said. The states also have done well he said. But still Corona is spreading he stated.