Governor Narsimhan for one time elections


Andhra Pradesh and Telangana Governor E.S.L. Narasimhan has called for concurrent elections to the Parliament, Assemblies and even local bodies across India so that developmental work remains unaffected by the model code of conduct in force during polls.

Addressing State Election Commissioners (SECs) at their 24th All India Conference. Narasimhan also mooted restricting by-elections to constituencies to twice in a year — January and June. Although he began by stating that his views were based on the perceptions, suggestions and complaints he has been receiving from people, Mr. Narasimhan made no bones about where he stood on these issues.


The governor further called for a single voters’ list based on Aadhaar, and wondered about the need to maintain separate lists for different elections, adding, “The Representation of People’s Act should also be made more stringent and the Prevention of Corruption Act should be included into it to arrest the money power rampant during the polls.”