As pundits chanted vedic hymns and priests performed variety of Abhisekham to the utsava idols of Sri Malayappaswamy and his consorts, part of the celestial Salakatla Brahmotsavam, the the second day Snapana Thirumanjanam, completed to the encore of glittering rituals at the Ranganayakula mantapam at Srivari Temple.

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The kankana kartha of Brahmotsavam-2016 Acharya Seetharamacharya who performed the abhisekham on the supervision of Pedda Jeeyar and chinna jeeyar, said’ the snapana Thirumanjanam is aimed to elevating the divine charm of the deity as it will be cynosure of lakhs of eyes during the Brahmotsavams”. The ritual is performed thrice ahead of the grand Garuda Vahana seva when over 5-8 lakh devotees come for his darshan ” he said.
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The ranganayakula mantapam has become the epi-center of the vedic ritual during the Brahmotsavam event where a spectacular canopy made of of fruits and flowers -sourced from all over the country- is put up for the event made of grapes, apple, sweet lemon, banana, pineapple spread over fifty square feet umbrella space over the deities decorated for the holy ritual. ‘The ritual will enhance divinity of Lord Venkateswara and aimed at social good” says the TTD EO Dr D Sambasiva Rao who participated in the event.

“The entire display of flowers and fruits is by some donors who wish to remain unanimous, says S Sreenivasulu, the deputy director of Gardens of TTD, He said since even the exotic flowers which once were imported from Bangkok and Singapore, were grown in gardens of Bangalore, the flower donors were keen to become part of the snapanam event.

The celestial bathing ritual of Srivari Temple is unique and not repleted anywhere else ‘The performance of the ritual magnifies the divine charisma and powers of the deity by millions of times and has cascading impact on the devotees’ says Acharya Seethamacharya, who is performing all the rituals at Tirumala this season. The ritual is performed on add days of the Brahmotsavam after the deity is taken around the the mada streets twice a day.’ All exercises are meant to ensure that the pious devotees are enthralled with the religious rituals and take back home sweet and devotional experiences ‘says TTD EO.

A snapanam is also performed to the deity on the day of Garuda seva also as the deity will be decorated with priceless jewels and diamonds and will be showcased for over 5-6 hours on the mada streets with lakhs of watchful and pious eyes cast on him. The bathing with curd, milk, honey,tulasi and other aromatic waters is said to enhance the charm and also divine powers of the deity.