The government would play a key role in promoting high impact research focused on solving national-level societal problems around healthcare, Agriculture, smart mobility, climate change and E-Governance said K Taraka Ramarao the Minister for IT and Industries.

We would like to develop human capacity in advanced AI technologies aimed at
solving India specific problems by attracting talented researchers across the world to work at our Research Centers said KTR.

We would provide an institutional framework to develop advanced algorithms and
IP generation in the focus areas or domains. The government would also continue to support Govtech innovation by startups by procuring emerging technologies solutions from them.

We have startups who are moving to Hyderabad because of the ecosystem present here and because of the Telangana Govt is acting as the primary buyer or the first customer for emerging technologies, including AI.

The last pillar is Enabling AI Adoption and Community Collaboration – The state is already leading the way globally for ‘Government-as-a-buyer; for AI which is also Transforming public service delivery and governance with deep technology.

This is already attracting top talent and innovators to shift their base to Hyderabad. The government will also be working to ‘Industrialize AI’ by encouraging Industry adoption of AI solutions through co-Innovation of solutions.

Telangana has established itself as a pioneer in IT and innovation, is quick to adapt to the needs of the rapidly transforming AI industry. In line with the national strategy, Telangana has decided to take on a focused approach for AI and take it to the next level, setting an example for other States to follow suit.