Hero Rajasekhar clarified that he has nothing against Chiranjeevi and Mohan Babu. I have all the respect for them he clarified. The issue was with Naresh and the issues related to MAA he said.

He also apologised to the guests who were put to inconvenience here during the diary launch. There are issues in MAA and I will try to correct them in my personal capacity he said.

Rajasekhar has already resigned to his post in MAA. His idea was to clarify that there were issues in the functioning of MAA and they must be resolved.


My issues are with Naresh and I have nothing against anybody he clarified. Rajasekhar said that the issues have to be resolved and they must not be hidden.

Jeevitha the wife of Rajasekhar also has apologised only over the stage saying that Rajasekhar was alike a kid and he speaks openly. Rajasekhar also requested the people to end the matter there and that one must not blow it out of proportion any further.

It may be noted that Chiranjeevi condemned the attitude of Rajasekhar and wanted action to be taken against him for violating the protocol. Mohanbabu and Muralimohan supported Chiranjeevi.