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Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao felt that the education system should be made in such way that it should remove criminality, inculcate moral and ethical values in the society. In the process to create a value-based society, academic lessons will be prepared in consultations with and after seeking advice from spiritual teachers like Sri Jeeyar Swamy and former DGPs.

The CM announced that from the coming academic year, lessons that will enhance the moral and ethical values will be taught in the educational institutions.

The CM released an autobiography, “Journey Through Turbulent Times,” here at Pragati Bhavan.

“Unfortunately, criminality is on increase in the present-day society. In some cases, humans are behaving like wild animals. There is an urgent need to stop the spread of criminality. Moral values can be raised in society only through offering a value-based education to children in educational institutions. Our government is committed to this and will work with dedication.

We feel that from the coming academic year, value-based education should be taught in the educational institutions in the state. We have to prepare lessons in this regard. We will appoint a committee with former DGPs. We will seek advice and suggestions from spiritual teachers like Sri Jeeyar Swamy and others. We will start teaching proper lessons, which will pave way for a better society, and this will start from the coming academic year. The police also should extend their support to make Telangana Society a better one,” the CM said.

“There is nothing wrong in taking stringent action for protecting the good in the society. This is necessary while discharging duties. In a democracy, sometimes the government has to take measures even if they are not liked by the government, in the larger interests of the people.

We have to undertake certain action while recognizing people’s sentiments and respect them. There is nothing wrong with this. If society at large is getting benefitted, certain stringent actions are necessary,” the CM said.