Earth is greater than heaven:KCR


Chief Minister Sri K Chandrashekhar Rao has greeted people in the State on the occasion of World Earth Day. He recalled a famous quote from the Valmiki Ramayana which says “Janani Janmabhumishcha Swargadapi Gariyasi” which means that the earth that we live in much greater than the heaven,” and said this should be the ideal to take care of the place, region where we are living in and protect the environment.

He said everyone should take care and protect the place where one lives and ensure that it is clean and green. He wanted every citizen in Telangana State to take a pledge on World Earth Day to protect and preserve the greenery and environment. The CM said that the state government’s pet programme Telangana Haritha Haram aimed at making the state green and clean has been implementing successfully.

Under Palle Pragathi and Palle Pragathi programmes, all the rural and urban areas in the state are maintained with green and green environment. The Telangana region which was under severe water crisis and arid lands is now turned fertile with water flowing in abundance for irrigation and drinking water purposes, thanks to several irrigation projects and schemes being implemented by the state government.

Because of the measures taken by the state government, water from the projects through the canals system is reaching every nook and corner of the state and with the filling up of tanks, reservoirs the ground level in the state had increased by leaps and bounds.

Due to the available water in the state, there is an increase in the forest cover, the population of the animals, birds and there is a proper balance in the environment. This also led to a decrease in the temperatures and other qualitative changes for the better. The measures taken by the state government has increased biodiversity and once again brought nature back to life in the State.

The CM said several measures and initiatives launched by the state government have increased awareness among people on the environment, biodiversity and the need to protect Mother Nature. He said it is high time that everyone should realise that the problems arising out of imbalance in the environment are due to the mistakes committed by men.

People should understand the havoc created by epidemics like Corona and should help protect the environment. The CM said for the future generations we should hand them over a safe and secure Planet but not the moveable and immoveable properties. If we behave and live responsibly, we will be handing over happiness to the next generations, the CM said and urged people to work in this regard.