Dil has money and story: Wants a director

dil raju

Yes, you got it right. Dil Raju is working with Pavan Kalyan the Vakeel Saab again. It is reported that Dil has made huge profits with Vakeel Saab and that is the reason they want to come together again.

It is learnt that Dil Raju has already paid the advance to Pavan Kalyan for the next movie. Last time it was Trivikram Srinivas who suggested Venu Sriram for Dil Raju.

Now Raju is looking for a director who is good and who can be given less remuneration as the majority of the share goes to the hero and producer. Dil wants to create records again with Pavan and Pavan liked the working style of Dil.

Dil Raju takes care of the project in such a fashion that it gets completed in no time and overheads are very less. A lot of homework goes into the planning.

Completing the movie on time helps the team as such. The hero also will get more remuneration in a short span of time and he can go for another movie.

It is reported that Pavan has made more than 50 crore for the movie. Dil is also more than happy and it was evident when he was spraying papers on the screen along with his wife in the theatres.