Will tackle the second phase also: Etela

Etela Rajender

Etela Rajender the Minister for Health said that he along with CM KCR and Minister KTR are trying their level best to tackle the CoronavirusCorona virus second phase in an effective manner.

The Central Government is yet to respond over the allocation of Oxygen he said. Remedesivir injection supply and distribution are also under the control of the central Government he explained.

This time the condition of the Virus is very severe he stated. For the first time, there are 600 cases of Corona in Gandhi Hospital. There is a scarcity of Ventilators he agreed.

Most of the patients in Private Hospital are coming from Maharashtra he stated. The Minister said that the Remedesivir manufactured in the state must be given to the state only.

Around 270 tonnes of Oxygen is coming to the state. The State Government has dealt with Corona in a befitting manner and we will do it for the second phase also the Minister assured.

He said that the small hospitals with just 20 beds were also permitted to treat the Covid patients. He also said that the Covid testing process was also going on in a speedy manner.

There will be no dearth of funds for taking care of Covid patients in every manner he explained.