Tellavarithe Guruvaram movie review-Nothing new

tellavarithe guruvaram

The movie released by Keeravani and Sai Korrapati family members is just a routine story with two girls and one boy. There is nothing new in the movie except for some comedy scenes here and there.

People who are not fans of Varahi can watch the movie later on OTT on an Aadivaram. Director Manikanth did his level best to do something, but the movie is like any other movie and predictable all the way.

The music by Kala Bhairava the sone of Keeravani is average. Most of the scenes in the movie are just routine and not gripping. The editing is very bad.

You will not miss anything if you ignore this movie. Guruvram movie was released on Sukravaram, but it could not make any impact.

Starring: Simha , Chitra
Producer: Rajini Korrapati
Director : Manikanth
Music : Kaala Bhairava