Trump the US President might come to India for the Republic day on January 26 next year that is 2019. This could be just before the elections if the elections are not held this year.

The BJP Government under the leadership of Modi has sent in an invite to the US President for the Republic day and an official communication is awaited from the White House.

Last time it was Obama Barack who graced the occasion and it was hit in India and a matter of pride for Modi and the Indian Government. In the same fashion to showcase the pride of the country, Donald Trump has been invited. There will be some bilateral issues to be sorted out during his visit.

If the White House says yes, there will be a lot of arrangements to be made ahead of his visit well in advance. Trump was in praise of Modi and his governance apart from his proactive measures. Both the leaders of India and America have a good bonding. But there are some differences regarding the H1 B visas, on the working conditions for the spouses etc.

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Sushma Swaraj the Union Minister has raised the issue earlier and it has to be sorted out now.

Overall there is good bonding between the two countries and it will develop further. Let’s hope there will be a chai per charcha with Trump-like they did earlier with Obama.

It may be recalled that Modi served Tea to Obama in the lawns and they had one to one discussions avoiding the officials.