Sharmila must set up party in AP:VHR

V Hanumantha Rao

V Hanumantha Rao the senior Congress leaders suggested Sharmila that she must start the new political party in Andhra Pradesh and not in Telangana.

The people who oppose Jagan will definitely support Sharmila. Afterall it is YSRs blood that is flowing in Sharmila he said. What will you do in Telangana he questioned?

Here Bandi Sanjay is already there. KTR is coming into the mainstream in place of his father KCR, so it is better to fight in Andhra he suggested.

You are Raja Reddys granddaughter and it will be of no use to start the party here in Telangana he said. It is only a suggestion he said. You can divide the votes here, but will not get any benefit out of it he suggested.

If you want to take revenge on your brother Jagan, better to start the party in AP, VHR said. VH is a senior leader who was not having any close relationship with YSR in those days.

But there is a sensation in AP and Telangana political circles on the news of Sharmila going to start a political party. So far no one has reacted over the issue from the YSRC.

There is a talk that the intelligence in AP has already indicated Jagan over the activity of Sharmila and her new party.