Corporators take oath in 3 languages

GHMC corporators

There were 149 corporators present in the GHMC Council hall. 44 ex-officio members were also present to vote for the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor posts here in the GHMC council.

The member took oath in their respective language in groups. That is Telugu Urdu and English.

32 TRS ex-officio members were also present in the council hall. 149 corporators took oath here in the council hall. The oath taking ceremony was completed in just 15 minutes.

They were congratulated and asked to assemble here in the hall at 12.20 so that the election can be held at 12.30.

All the three parties have named the Mayor and Deputy Mayor candidates. The election would be done by the corporates lifting their hands.

The BJP corporators were seen in saffron pagidis while the Congress ,TRS have come in pink and tricolour Kanduvas.

The MIM has 54 numbers altogether.

TRS leaders Santosh Kumar, Minister Srinivas Yadav and others were seen making the strategy for the election. RS member K Kesava Raos daughter Gadwala Vijaya Lakshmi is said to be the Mayoral candidate for TRS. Mothe Srilatha will be the Deputy Mayor from TRS. The BJP has just 2 ex-officio members.

The Congress has just 2 corporators only. The TRS is all set to win the Mayor and Deputy Mayor post. TRS has support of 88 members altogether. BJP has the support of 49 members.