TRS wins the Mayor and Deputy Mayor posts of GHMC


TRS Corporators Gadwal Vijayalaxmi and Srilatha Reddy. Vijayalaxmi is from Banjarahills and Srilatha is from Tarnaka. It is reported that KCR the TRS Chief and CM have suggested these two names.

Vijayalaxmi is the daughter of K Kesava Rao the TRS Secretary General and the Rajya Sabha member.

The Congress Corporators walked away from the elections. They have not participated in the election for the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor Post. Last time the election was in no time as it was the TRS all the way.

This time the BJP and MIM have got a good number of seats. The BJP has changed the nominee for the Deputy Mayor as Chary could not come on time. Vijaya Reddy the TRS Corporator who was aspiring for the Mayor post left the GHMC office after taking the oath.

The TRS corporators came in a bus to the GHMC office. Goreti Venkanna sang the song of Ramulori Seethamma along with other Corporators. They were seen clapping and enjoying the song.

Goreti was all praise for the rule of TRS. Baba Fasiuddin proposed the name of Gadwal Vijaya Laxmi seconded by Ravula Gajula Rama Ramaram. Vijaya Laxmi said that she accepts the proposal.

Srinivas Reddy from BJP proposed the name of Veerannagari Radha and she accepted the same. Both the names were declared as Valid by the Presiding officer.

Vijayalaxmi was declared as the Mayor amidst slogans of Jai Telangana.
Mothe Srilatha was proposed by TRS for Deputy Mayor post seconded by Satyanarayana. Jaswal proposed the name of Shankar Yadav from BJP. Mothe Srilatha was elected. The MIM voted for the TRS.