Corona postpones IPL


The Central Government led by PM Narendra Modi has postponed the popular IPL. The Corona scare has made the cricket show to be postponed to April.

The situation would be reviewed and later a final decision would be taken. First, it was decided that they would play the game without the audience. But some states said that they would not be conducting the IPL because of the Corona scare.

The situation would be reviewed after April 15nth. The centre has already suggested that they should not encourage big congregations because of the Corona.

The BCCI was also mulling the idea of conducting the IPL games without an audience so that the people would watch them on TV. With some states going back on conducting the IPL itself, the centre and the BCCI had no other option but to postpone the same till April 15nth.

If the Corona situation worsens, the BCCI will have no other option but to scrap it for this time.