Where did the Khans Go?

ameer khan

Aamir Khan, Sharukh Khan and Salman Khan. These three khans were called as the rulers of the Box office, but they are doing very fewer movies. While Salman is busy with one or two movies, Akshay Kumar is busy with around 10 movies.

When compared to Khans Kumar is doing well these days. Most of the movies are hits. Out of 10 movies, he is doing 6 movies have announced the dates for release also.

No other star has so many movies and release dates at a time. He shoots under strict timings and is a disciplined man. Aamir is nowhere and has no releases to his credit.


Shahrukh khan has been giving all duds and is having a rethinking over his career it is reported. Shahrukh is no more a box office Badshah. The producers, in general, are of the opinion that it is better to invest on Akshay Kumar. His returns at the box office are guaranteed.

The secret of Akshay’s success is that he is taking a risk with new stories and also themes.