The illegal and undemocratic methods of YSRC in the state of Andhra Pradesh will be brought to the notice of the central Government said GVL the MP from the BJP.

The police are working for the YSRC and no other party is able to file the nominations in the local body elections he said. Three MPs from the BJP have met the Home Minister Amit Shah today and gave him a memorandum on the undemocratic attitude of the YSRC leaders and also the contestants.

MPs CM Ramesh and also TG Venkatesh accompanied GVL while giving a memo to the Home Minister in Delhi. Since last three days, the YSRC leaders were attacking the BJP and TD leaders and preventing them from filing the nominations here in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

If needed they said that the BJP is ready to go to court they said.

The people are very unhappy in the state of AP opined the MP TG Venkatesh. One must not rule the state with revenge he said. The court also passed strictures against the YSRC Government but they are unable to follow it he said.

Attack and Kindaps are going on the opponents of the YSRC they stated.