IYR Krishna Rao

The CMO is running the TTD and the board is just nonsense said former EO and CS IYR Krishna Rao of AP. Talking to a TV channel he found fault with the way the TTD board is selling the land of TTD which were donated by the Pilgrims.

It was CMO which was running the TTD always she said. He found fault with the TTD Board members for selling he lands at cheaper rates. The Board must be removed and a dharma Parishad should be nominated to look into the affairs of the TTD he said.

He objected to the way the Board members were dealing with the land of the Lord Balaji. The pilgrims are opposing the way the lands are being sold at a lesser price.

Most of eh decisions being taken by the TTD board in recent times are becoming controversial are going against the interest of the common man a the pilgrims.

But the Board Chairman is bulldozing all the decisions. He is related to the CM Jaganmohan Reddy. Ther are allegations that Jagan’s dynamic people are purchasing the lands of the TTD which are being sold at a throwaway price in the name of auction.